Quantum Financial System QFS NESARA



A new global monetary system, dubbed "The Quantum Financial System (QFS)" is underway and will use blockchain technology and quantum computing for a new global digital economy. QFS literal meaning is Quantum Financial System, which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate monopoly on monetary system.The global financial reset has started and the quantum financial system that will replace all banks after the world financial crash is live.Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking. QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Oil and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value.


1)It encapsulates a global network for the transmission of asset-backed digital currency.

2) It will replace the centrally controlled SWIFT System in the US.

3)It protects all involved parties from corruption and manipulation within the banking system.

4)It operates independently of the current decentralized system.

5)It is not a cryptocurrency, but a digital currency backed by assets.

The History of money is entering a new era, You might just wake up with no money.Convert all your fiat currency into a digital backed currency.We walk you through that journey.Our System is designed to convert your assets into a digitally backed funds.
The Quantum Financial System (QFS) Asset Ledger is a universal network that is developed to facilitate the transfer of asset-backed funds,QFS Asset Ledger is a cutting-edge financial technology that brings a fresh perspective to the monetary world.This technology is deeply rooted in quantum-secure blockchain encryption, quantum computing, and quantum cryptography backed by gold and silver.

QFS Asset Ledger also provide financial advise on the purchase,holding,and liquidation of tangible assets(i.e gold and silver etc)for both retirement and cash accounts and also offers brokerage, securities, cryptocurrencies, asset allocation, and trading services with incorporating quantum security solutions.

This financial industry is no stranger to the task of portfolio optimization and Quantum Investment which involves selecting the best possible investment portfolio out of the set of all portfolios being considered based on expected return and risk free as revolutionize areas such as risk management, asset pricing, and algorithmic trading.

One of the main advantages of Quantum Financial System Asset Ledger is that it provides an extra layer of security with QFS Card which you can use anywhere in the world for making payment.All you have to do is swipe your card and the payment amount is deducted from the available balance of your digital ISO 20022 assets which adheres to the QFS standard for electronic interchange .Imagine a world where financial transactions are completed almost instantaneously.

What We Do

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) and (NESARA GESARA) are here! The QFS ASSET LEDGER use blockchain tech to make wealth generation more accessible and quantum encryption to keep your funds safe. With this tech, you can easily convert and send your funds through a secure quantum network to regulated ISO 20022 Cryptos like XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, IOTA, SHX, as well as Gold, Silver, and other precious metals for secure financial transactions.

How to invest in the Quantum Financial System (QFS) Asset Ledger

Many crypto investors get in early and take advantage of investing in the Quantum Financial System early. The key question for many investors is the cryptocurrencies that will be part of the QFS. The new QFS is expected to incorporate a range of cryptocurrencies, including various country CBDCs and ISO 20022 compliant cryptocurrencies, creating a globally integrated system. Investors interested in the QFS ASSET LEDGER focus on ISO 20022 compliant cryptocurrencies likely to be integral to this system. In essence, the QFS represents a groundbreaking shift in global business and monetary transactions, offering faster, more secure transactions without the need for intermediaries, benefiting both individuals and businesses.



$ 100 Start From
  • Min Deposit $100
  • Max Deposit $9,999
  • ROI 2% Daily
  • Duration 3days


$ 10,000 Start From
  • Min Deposit $10,000
  • Max Deposit $29,999
  • ROI 5% Daily
  • Duration 7days


$ 30,000 Start From
  • Min Deposit $30,000
  • Max Deposit $49,999
  • ROI 15% Daily
  • Duration 14days


$ 50,000 Start From
  • Min Deposit $50,000
  • Max Deposit $1,000,000
  • ROI 25% Daily
  • Duration 28days